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Our aim is to attend breakdowns / emergencies the same day; we will quote from site if a part is required enabling us to carry out the repair at the time of visit; if the part is not held in stock we will quote for the Part required both verbally and in writing. We then aim to have the repair carried out within 24hrs from the acceptance of the quotation; this is of course subject to part availability.
Landlord Certification, Quotations, Reports
All paper work, documentation etc will be returned to the Agent/ Landlord/Householder in PDF format via Email within 48hrs or in Hard Copy via Royal Mail
 If following an Inspection:
* any remedial works are required, the Agent/ Homeowner will be notified immediately, with a written quotation and any certificate or report.
* it is necessary to issue a Warning Notice or shut down an appliance, the Agent/Homeowner will be notified immediately.
 Servicing Appliances
Appliances to be serviced must be in full working order and have been serviced regularly .
If during a service :
* any parts are found to be required you will be notified of costs before any parts are fitted.
* any parts appear to have excessive wear and tear and may need replacing very soon then you will be notified of, and shown, if possible, the pending problem and a quote will be given.
Power Flushing & De-Scaling
There are a number of indications that Sludge or scale is present in your heating system and your system could have one or more of the following symptoms:
* The system is slow to warm up or packs up after a few minutes
* Some of the radiators are cold or partially cold and require frequent bleeding.
* When venting the pump or bleeding the radiators the water is very discoloured.
* There are strange noises coming from the boiler or it keeps going to overheat lockout.
* The pump is repeatedly failing.
* The Hot water temperature in Combi Boilers is fluctuating
De-Sludging. A System Power Flushing machine is attached to the system and the radiators and pipework are flushed through with chemicals, with each radiator being flushed in turn.
De-scaling a boiler is a separate process to flushing and the Power Flush machine is normally connected direct to the unit that requires the scale removal. ie Boiler, Water heater, Exchanger unit.
All plumbing and heating installations are carried out with as little disruption to your current services and yourselves as possible – the method of works can be fully discussed prior to commencement and we will strive to be as accommodating as possible.
Temporary Heating
Should an installation or spare part take longer than anticipated  then temporary heating can be provided in the form of electric heaters whenever they are available. (limited stock)
Homebuyers Reports
Prior to buying an new home, we will provide a detailed report on the condition of all plumbing and heating equipment to allow prospective buyers to agree any price reduction before purchasing a property should the system be in need of repair or replacement within a projected period.
Technical Information
Speak to an Engineer direct and obtain technical information and advice where appropriate
Second Opinions
Speak to an Engineer or arrange an engineers visit to obtain a second opinion following a report or quote from another company.


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