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I started trading as Ace Services in 1996 and have not looked back since.  Having refined what I do and how I do it over the years; I supply and install boilers, air source heat pumps, wet solar systems, hot water systems and pumps as well as associated pipework.  I do not install or repair sanitary equipment.

I work in domestic properties, specialising in larger houses, often a multi-boiler installation linked to a suitable hot water store.

I am Gas Safe registered, a Viessmann trained installer as well as being an approved installer for the Mitsubishi ecodan range of air source heat pumps.  I am always looking to improve the service that I can offer and would love to discuss your requirements with you.

How I work

I always aim to install systems that save customers money on day-day running costs.  All jobs are designed to the clients requirements first, this includes trying to make the installation as energy efficient and future proof as possible. Future proofing aims to ensure that the hot water system and heating I install will be suitable for the clients life style both now and in the forseeable future.  There is no point in fitting a system today that will be far too large or small in the next couple of years.  In my experience, the biggest issue in any system, is how much hot water you want and at what pressure you want it delivered.

Jobs are installed to be functional and reliable. Maintenance is a very important issue.   I am always very happy to carry out maintenance work on my own installations. The components I use are reliable and perform well.


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